We provide Veterinary Care for Dogs,Cats.

Services Include:

*Comprehensive Exams-well pet/sick pet

*Diagnosis and treatment- skin, eye, ear, nose, urinary tract, arthritis, wounds, general illness and many other conditions

*Laboratory diagnostics-Blood, urine, feces, histeopathology, culture and sensitivities--- sent to Idexx. In-home microscopic exams.

*Humane euthanasia, we handle remains and provide cremation service (if requested)

*Vaccination and Deworming

*Flea treatment

*wound care

*Cat nesters

*Toenail trims 

*Dietary recommendations


*oral/Dental care


Please be advised. Not all situations can be treated. Surgery, X-ray, intensive care and advanced medical procedures may require a Veterinary hospital visit

We DO NOT do ear cropping, declawing or tail docking at our clinic.

 Vaccination Packages

Complete Puppy Package

3 Rounds of vaccines & Exams included

Exam x3


Deworming for tapeworms x1

Bordetella x2

Leptospirosis x2

Rabies x1

1 Complimentary Nail Trim

1 Microchip 

1 Dose of Flea Prevention

3 doses of Heartworm prevention

$225 (3 easy payment of $75)

Adult Canine Package


Annual DHPP (Add Leptospirosis for an additional $12)

Annual Rabies

Heartworm Antigen Test

One Month of Heartworm Prevention

All For $85.00

Complete Kitty Package


3 Rounds of Vaccines & Exams Included

Exam x3


Feline Leukemia Virus Vaccine x2

Rabies Vaccine x1

Deworming (Roundworm & Hookworm) x2

Tapeworm Deworming x1

Marquis paste x1

1 Microchip 

1 Dose of Revolution

total $225 (3 easy payment of $75)

Adult Feline Package


Annual FVRCP

Annual Rabies

One dose of Revolution

One round of Deworming for Tapeworms

All For $81.00